Connecting the dots with AI Trading
Our state-of-the-art artificial intelligent bot (AIBOT) seamlessly integrates with your trading exchange and gets it up and running in minutes.

First of its kind
- An intelligent trading system unaffected by bias and emotion.
100%Hands-free! No settings, No hassle.
Simple to integrate
No coding required
No hardware required
Fully Autonomous Cloud Operation
Secure API Access
Learn as you Grow
Keep Tabs on Your Money
Personalize Your Trading
Build a Balanced Portfolio
Trade with Deep Insight
Uses Advance Data Analytics
Powerful Software with Real-Time data feed
Dynamic Position size and Stop-Loss reacts instantly to the market condition
9 Exchange & more
Spot Trade with over 250+ trading pairs
Leverage Trade with over 20+ trading pairs
Forex Trade with over 20+ trading pairs
Absolutely Zero Upfront Cost
Integrate with Unlimited exchange
We make money only when you do!
Trading today is
Trading can be very
but it doesn't have to be
Watch your Money GROW with SmartTrade's AIBOT