Frequently Asked Questions

What is SmartTrade?

SmartTrade is a Trading platform where you can connect all your cryptocurrency exchange and Forex exchange to automate profitable trades without lifting a finger! It disrupts the fundamentals of volatile markets by simplifying trading as single step process. This simple approach to trading will appeal to both new and experienced investors.

What is AIBOT?

AIBOT is an Intelligent Autonomous Trading Program that uses deep learning algorithms to autonomously trade cryptocurrencies. It uses historical data and real-time market information to look for a profitable trade. This program uses advance Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) technique to get out of a losing trade.

Who is AIBOT for?

AIBOT was developed to meet the needs of beginner investors who are crypto enthusiasts but are too busy to follow the volatile and unpredictable crypto markets. Any new traders with limited trading knowledge can begin trading this highly volatile and unpredictable market with this simple “plug and play” application.

How much does SmartTrade Cost?

NONE! $0. This platform is free to use and there is no upfront cost.

We only make money when you do. SmartTrade charges 20% of the realized earnings from the trades made by the AIBOT. Example: AIBOT closed 100 contracts and made 40USDT in profit this week.You will be charged 8USDT from the realized earning.

How is the AIBOT fee paid?

You will be invoiced end of every week on 20% of the realized earnings. Payment can be made using the link provided on the invoice. If there is no realized profit then there is no fee.

How can I be sure my funds are safe?

AIBOT is only able to trade via API. Every exchange have their own security protocol to prevent from unauthorized access. Withdrawal permission for keys should be DISABLED when you create API keys

Can SmartTrade be used for Spot and Futures Trading simultaneously?

Yes, in fact you can connect to unlimited exchange and trade on all exchange simultaneously.

What is the average daily/weekly/monthly ROI?

Average profitability strongly depends on market trends but can reach 5-20% per month.

Are there any prerequisites for setting up SmartTrade?

Yes, you will need to have a minimum fund on your exchange account for AIBOT to trade with. Minimum balance to trade USDT pairs- 2000USDT
Minimum balance to trade BTC pairs- 0.2BTC
Minimum balance to trade ETH pairs- 5ETH
Minimum balance to trade BNB pairs- 10BNB

Which exchanges are currently supported by SmartTrade

SmartTrade currently supports Binance, Bitmex, Bittrex, ByBit, Deribit, FTX, OANDA,Poloniex. Our team is working hard to integrate more exchanges on to the platform.

I’m an experienced trader, can I trade with by own strategy?

Current that feature is not supported. It is in our to do list.
We also wish to implement social trading where you can copy trades of other users. Again, in the to do list!

How can I understand the system better?

We recommend traders use the system for at least a month to get experience and analyze the results. Using the dashboard, you can see the daily gains made by AIBOT.

What is dynamic equity management?

AIBOT will seek to recover from a losing trade it entered while trading. It enters the trade back with a higher amount and attempts to recover and close the position in profit.

How can I pause or stop trading?

You can pause or stop any or all accounts at once at any time. To stop just click the “Disable” icon next to connected exchange. You can resume trading by clicking “Enable” icon.

Is there someone I can talk to?

Absolutely! You can reach us via the chat room, or by email. Try We're happy to help!